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Premiere BRAND(Fire) I and II at March 11th 2018 with 400 visitors

Release of the Trilogy BRAND(Fire)

The film trilogy BRAND (Fire) had its premiere in March 2018 in the theatre hall of the artist association Malkasten in Düsseldorf - BRAND (Fire) I and II - and in May 2018  at the Filmclub 813 in Cologne - BRAND (Fire) III. Since then it has been performed at more than 200 locations in Germany and other European countries.
BRAND(Fire) I and II were released online on Dec 15th 2019. An updated version due to the eviction in September 2018 of BRAND(Fire) III was released online on Oct 8th 2018.  Public film screenings continue to be organized in consultation with brandfilme.


How to watch BRAND(Fire) movies

Please be aware that the films have a length that needs time. The films contain a lot of background information on lignite and climate protection. Take time and maybe arrange to meet with others to watch the films together. Also think about a good sound. Feel free to write your thoughts about the film you watched to brandfilme or use the commentary function on vimeo!

Trailer Trilogy BRAND(Fire)

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BRAND(Fire) II Full Movie

BRAND(Fire) II Presence of old places and costing nature Full Movie

Trailer BRAND(Fire) II

BRAND(Fire) I On property rights to land and forests

BRAND(Fire) I On property rights to land and forests Full Movie

Trailer BRAND(Fire) I



BRAND(Fire) III Hambach Forest Film Full Movie

BRAND(FIre) III Hambach Forest Film Full Movie ©

Trailer BRAND(Fire) III