Mails from Borneo: “In Sumatra, even in Palembang there are 76,000 victims.”

“Now there are huge protests in Indonesia demanding that the government resign. It is now known to the government that all the fires are set by companies, but the government does not want to reveal the names of the companies, which causes huge turmoil. Thousands of students are on their way to the capital, especially because the anti-corruption ministry has been suspended.

Palangkaraya, September 19 2019. IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN. The smoke haze tragedy of 2015 mega-fire where the surroundings became yellow might repeat itself. LAPAN satellite data shows during Sept 12-19, 17,997 active hotspots are found in all provinces of Kalimantan. Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB) recorded at least 328.724 HA of land are burnt in Indonesia in 2019. About 7 million hectares of forests burned in Borneo since the first mega-fires of 1983. The recurrent fires are the legacy of 50 years of deforestation in Borneo (CIFOR). Peat fires release fine particulate matter (PM2.5), harmful pollutants smaller than dust, small enough to enter the lungs and bloodstream. PM 2.5 inhalation in a long period leads to various health problems; URI, diarrhea, and even NASOPHARYNX Cancer. 10.000 people in each province of Kalimantan are being affected by Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.”

Mails from Borneo: “BORNEO BURNING!”

Photo: By courtesy of the Ranu Walum Foundation

This mail reached me from Indonesia, Borneo (Kalimantan) today:

“A friend of mine took pictures in Borneo, but is already back after a week, because she also got lung disease. The same thing happens in Sumatra and the government is silent and sends no help and there are now the first big protests in Jakarta. All flights to and from Borneo cancelled. The people urgently need masks so that they can survive. Dayak organizations are now collecting money for this, otherwise everyone will suffocate:”

Photos: By courtesy of the Ranu Walum Foundation


While opening our four Shelter in Palangka Raya for public, everyday we go to areas outside the capital city Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan, these areas are that strongly affected by the haze because of forest fire but not everyone is accessible to getting health protections and even to buy proper masks. The air quality is very poor, but not everyone use proper mask to protect themselves, that’s why us, that are more accessible to it needs to #act2give – distribute the masks we got from the donations we received.

2322 Hotspots:

We really need thousands of N95 mask, milks, vitamin for the people here. If you want to donate here is the link

Or if you want to talk to us personally how to join this effort, please contact me, I’m the coordinator of Youth Act. Here is my number +6289623741236

With partnership and collaboration, all is possible. This is the best time to give, as we are fighting not only for the DAYAKS or KALIMANTAN but for this planet, for Al of us!

Please share this message.

Thank you.




Uranium on Diné (Navajo) Land

LEONA MORGAN is a Diné and reports from the uranium-contaminated land of the Diné (Navajo) culture in New Mexico.

Leona Morgan Uranium Mining on Diné (Navajo) Land Interview

She came to Germany aiming to combine her fight against uranium mining with the environmental movement in Germany. After all, uranium is not carbon-free either, and the European company URENCO (1/3 RWE and EON) also operates uranium enrichment in New Mexico. "How do we make our fights one?"

Sudan: Surviving at 50°

NESSRIN HAMDOON was invited to the Climate Camp Rhineland 2018 and in this interview she reports on climate change in Sudan:

Nessrin Hamdoon at Climate Camp Rhineland: interview ©

"People can hardly survive at 50° Celsius and the climate chaos has already destroyed 18 million hectares of agricultural land.